Lawn Mower Storage: Which Shed, What Brand?

lawn mower storage can be a real hassle sometimes. You have to store them somewhere right? You want the lawn equipment you use most to be stored in a convenient and accessible place.  A garage is a good place although it may take up too much room to get a car in there.  A shed is the better option.  Here are some of the best choices.

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What Not To Do With A Lawn Mower

This video should give you an idea just how dangerous a piece of power equipment can be.  All the ones in this video are lawn mowers.

What makes it really dangerous is that you are dealing with spinning blades.  Second to that, the mower itself is heavy.  As you can see if you watched the video, some of them ended up on top of the people.

Another thing to notice is what happens when trying to go up a hill or on ramps that are too steep.  You may be fine at a steady speed, but once you give it a little more gas the front end will come off the ground.  That’s the reason I said the Troy-Bilt 30 inch riding mower was the best for flat yards.

Zero turn mowers can do the same thing.

You wan to be sure to practice with a mower that you are not familiar with.  Otherwise, the things in this video could very well happen to you or a member of your family.

At 1:23 of this video is something you should not let your kids do.  It can very dangerous not only for the child on the back, but also, for the kid driving it.  Chances are one of them is going to get smacked in the head by this heavy piece of machinery.

Use common sense when operating any kind of machinery.